Airbnb Hot Tub Covers - Protect Your Investment & Reduce Expenses

Airbnb Hot Tub Covers - Protect Your Investment & Reduce Expenses

How Cwtchy Covers Hot Tub Insulation Can Help Airbnb Hosts Save Money 

Hot tubs can be a great amenity to attract Airbnb guests and allow hosts to charge higher rates. However, they also come with higher maintenance costs and risks of damage from improper use. Cwtchy Covers offer custom-fit hot tub covers that provide better insulation, which can help hosts save significantly on energy costs for heating the tub.

Benefits of Adding a Hot Tub for Airbnb Hosts

  • Allows charging higher nightly rates
  • Attracts more bookings from guests looking for hot tubs
  • Provides a relaxing amenity for guests

Challenges of Maintaining a Hot Tub

How Cwtchy Covers Help Address These Challenges

Cwtchy Covers are custom-made for each hot tub model to ensure a perfect fit. This prevents heat loss far better than a generic cover. Features include:

  • 25-50mm of industrial-grade thermal insulation to retain heat
  • Weatherproof barrier prevents moisture damage
  • Lockable straps for security
  • Easy to put on, easy to take off
  • Long-lasting marine-grade vinyl
  • Metal support rods to prevent rainwater pooling
  • Custom made to precise specifications
  • Handcrafted 

With maximum heat retention, hosts can over £2.50+ per day on energy costs for heating the hot tub. The covers also protect the inflatable hot tub itself from improper use and offer significant puncture protection.

Additional Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Provide clear instructions for guests on proper hot tub use
  • Consider locking access to hot tub area when not rented
  • Arrange for weekly maintenance and cleaning
  • Make sure your insurance policy covers hot tub damage

By investing in a quality insulating cover from Cwtchy Covers and following best practices for maintenance, Airbnb hosts can enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub while minimizing the risks and expenses. The energy savings alone can pay for the cost of a cover over time.

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