1. What types of products does Cwtchy Covers offer?

    Cwtchy Covers offers premium quality hot tub insulation products. These products are designed to keep the heat in, thereby reducing your energy costs and enhancing your hot tub experience.

  2. Are Cwtchy Covers products compatible with all hot tub brands?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers offers a variety of insulation options that are compatible with all major hot tub brands. Including but not limited to Lay-Z Spa, Intex PureSpa, CleverSpa, WaveSpa, MSpa, CanadianSpa and more.

  3. How can Cwtchy Covers products enhance my hot tub experience?

    Cwtchy Covers products are designed to not only provide energy efficiency but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your hot tub. A full set of Cwtchy Covers insulation will reduce your heating time and thus energy usage and bills by up %80 in winter or summer.

  4. How do Cwtchy Covers products contribute to energy saving?

    Cwtchy Covers insulation products are designed to keep the heat in your hot tub, thereby reducing the amount of energy required to heat it. This can result in significant savings on your energy bills. In fact, most of our customers report savings of over £500 a year in energy costs.

  5. Where are Cwtchy Covers products made?

    Cwtchy Covers products are proudly handmade by insulation veterans and artisans in Swansea, Wales. The company supports Welsh businesses by keeping its suppliers local and is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

  6. Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers offers discounts on all hot tub covers and insulation orders. If you buy 2 items, you get 5% off; for 3 items, you get 7% off; and for 4 items, you get 10% off. These discounts are applied automatically at checkout. If you have any issues, please contact customer support

  7. What is the delivery time for orders within the UK?

    The delivery time for orders within the UK is between 2 and 5 days, depending on the product.

  8. What is Cwtchy Covers return policy?

    If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can reach out to Cwtchy Covers within 14 days of receipt for assistance. This return policy applies to domestic/UK purchases only.

  9. Do I get free shipping on my order?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers offers free shipping within the United Kingdom on orders over £100.

  10. Can I customise the size of the hot tub cover I'm purchasing?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers offers hot tub covers that are fully customisable to your needs. All hot tub products are built to match the exact specification of your hot tub. You can either select a pre-sized brand and model or give us the dimensions and we'll make a custom cover for your hot tub.

  11. What materials are Cwtchy Covers made of?

    Cwtchy Covers are made of high-quality, durable insulation and materials that are weather-resistant and easy to clean.

  12. How do I secure the Cwtchy Cover on my hot tub?

    Cwtchy Covers come with adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit on your hot tub.

  13. How much does a hot tub cover from Cwtchy Covers cost?

    The prices vary depending on the specific product. For example, the Hot Tub Lid costs between £150.00 to £180.00, while the Hot Tub Insulation Jacket is priced from £140 to £170.00 depending on the size of your hot tub.

  14. Does Cwtchy Covers offer any other products?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers offers a range of products to enhance your hot tub experience. These include various types of hot tub insulation including Insulated Jackets (wraps around the sides of your hot tub), Insulated Lids (covers the top of your hot tub), Under-Tub Bases, pump covers and leather covers. The products are all part of a comprehensize insulation system to maximize heat retention but can be used individually as well.

  15. Are the covers easy to clean?

    Yes, Cwtchy Covers are made from materials that are easy to clean, ensuring that you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your hot tub with minimal effort.

  16. What is Cwtchy Covers' return policy?

    Cwtchy Covers prioritises customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can reach out to them within 14 days of receipt for assistance. Please note that this applies to domestic/UK purchases only.

  17. How does Cwtchy Covers contribute to energy efficiency?

    Cwtchy Covers' insulation products are designed to keep the heat in your hot tub, which can help lower your energy bills. Customers often save over £500 a year in energy costs.

  18. How can Cwtchy Covers enhance my hot tub experience?

    Apart from providing energy and cost-saving solutions, Cwtchy Covers also focuses on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your hot tub. Our premium products not only deliver outstanding energy efficiency but also elevate your home spa experience, providing a personalised retreat you can truly be proud of.

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