Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs: Prices, Features and Reviews of the Top Models

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs: Prices, Features and Reviews of the Top Models

Comparing the Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Range: Find the Best Model for You

Section Key Points
  • Overview of inflatable hot tubs and key benefits
  • Introduce top brand Lay-Z-Spa
  • Outline reviewing Lay-Z-Spa range
Lay-Z-Spa Overview
  • Background on Lay-Z-Spa company
  • Summary of key features and technologies
  • Awards and reviews won by models
Entry-Level Models
  • Details on Ibiza AirJet and Milan AirJet Plus
  • Capacity, features, pros, cons, ideal buyers
Mid-Range Models
  • Details on Hollywood AirJet, Singapore AirJet Plus, Toronto AirJet Plus
  • Capacity, features, pros, cons, ideal buyers
High-End Models
  • Details on Palma, Santorini, Maldives HydroJet Pro models
  • Capacity, features, pros, cons, ideal buyers
Larger Models
  • Details on Majorca and Barcelona models
  • Capacity, features, pros, cons, ideal buyers
Comparison Factors
  • Side-by-side comparison of capacity, features, efficiency, etc.
  • Summary of model strengths
  • Summary of Lay-Z-Spa range and top picks
  • Why Lay-Z-Spa is a top brand
  • Common customer questions answered


Inflatable hot tubs have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as an affordable and convenient way to bring the spa experience home. With quick and easy set-up, premium features and technology, plus energy efficiency, leading brand Lay-Z-Spa offers some of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market and we at Cwtchy Covers make the best insulation for Lay-Z Spa hot tubs!

An inflatable hot tub is constructed with durable, multilayer puncture resistant material and inflated using a pump. It provides the benefits of a permanent hot tub but without major installation work or high ongoing costs. Key advantages include:

  • Fast and simple set-up - can be inflated and ready to use in minutes.
  • Portable - deflate and store away or take on trips.
  • Affordable purchase price compared to fixed hot tubs.
  • Energy efficient heating and improved insulation.
  • Compact size to fit spaces a rigid tub may not.
  • Contemporary and stylish designs to suit any home.

Inflatable hot tub popularity has soared thanks to these benefits. With advanced engineering, today's models provide a true spa experience with features like rapid water heating, powerful massage jets, lighting, and digitally controlled pumps.

Top brand Lay-Z-Spa offers an extensive range of award-winning inflatable hot tubs. Their models feature exclusive patented technology for premium performance, durability and energy efficiency. We will explore the full Lay-Z-Spa line-up, comparing the specs and highlights of their best-selling hot tubs.

Key to the enjoyment, cost efficiency and longevity of an inflatable hot tub is insulation. This prevents heat loss from the water and protects the inner tub material. Lay-Z-Spa models come with better than average insulation in their construction but still require good hot tub insulation:

  • Puncture resistant tri-tech layered material with a middle layer of insulation foam. This retains heat and provides a cushioned surface.

  • Insulating base included to sit under the hot tub. This shields from cold from the ground.

  • Thermal cover provided to place over the tub when not in use. This seals in warmth and protects from debris.

  • Optional accessories like insulated jackets, thermal ground mats, thermal wraps are needed for further insulation.

However, even with Lay-Z-Spa's impressive energy efficiency which enables their inflatable hot tubs to maintain water temperatures of up to 40°C and provide an energy efficient home spa experience all year round, adding Cwtchy Covers’ advanced insulation technology provides unparalleled energy savings that exceeds all industry benchmarks.

Lay-Z-Spa Range Overview

Having introduced inflatable hot tubs and leading brand Lay-Z-Spa, we will now delve into the details of their extensive product range.

Lay-Z-Spa first launched in the UK in 2010 under brand owners Lay-Z-Spa UK Ltd, bringing high quality inflatable hot tubs with advanced technology to the British market. They have cemented themselves as the #1 bestselling inflatable hot tub brand in the UK.

Key features that set Lay-Z-Spa models apart include:

  • Rapid Heating System - heats water up to 40°C in as little as 3-5 hours.

  • Energy Saving Timer - automatically heats in off-peak times for efficiency.

  • Freeze ShieldTM - protects the tub from frost damage in cold temperatures.

  • Patented TriTechTM material - ultra durable and insulating 3-layer, puncture resistant material.

  • AirJetTM massage - releasing thousands of bubbles for a refreshing massage.

  • HydroJet ProTM - powerful rotating jets targeting back, legs and feet.

Numerous Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs have won prestigious home and garden awards and are consistently top rated by customers, making them a trusted brand.

Now let's explore the Lay-Z-Spa selection in more detail, breaking down the range by price tiers and capacity to see the perfect hot tub for different needs and budgets. We will also analyze how models compare on key factors like features, massage systems, energy use, and value.

Entry-Level Models

Now we explore Lay-Z-Spa's entry-level hot tub models, perfect for those wanting quality at an affordable price point.

Ibiza AirJet

The Ibiza AirJet fits up to 6 people and provides a relaxing spa experience on a budget.

  • 140 AirJetTM massage system - delivers thousands of bubbles to soothe the body
  • Rapid heating and insulated I-Beam construction
  • Digital control panel
  • Affordable price starting at £499


  • Most affordable Lay-Z-Spa model
  • Generous capacity
  • Very quick and simple set-up


  • Basic features lacking lights or hydrojets
  • Requires more frequent heating than higher-end models

Best For Entry-level buyers wanting a low-cost inflatable hot tub for family use.

Milan AirJet Plus

The Milan AirJet Plus upgrades features like WiFi control and rapid heating while still keeping a budget price tag.

  • 140 AirJet PlusTM massage system
  • WiFi enabled for app control
  • Energy saving timer heats in off-peak hours
  • Starts from £799


  • WiFi and energy saving timer add convenience
  • Maintains heat better than Ibiza
  • Fits up to 6 people


  • Lacks advanced hydrojets or lighting effects

Best For Entry-level buyers wanting smarter control and faster heating.

The Ibiza AirJet and Milan AirJet Plus balance performance and value as Lay-Z-Spa's affordable entry-level options. Next we will look at mid-range models with more features.

Mid-Range Models

Moving up from the affordable basics, Lay-Z-Spa's mid-range hot tub options add more advanced features while still providing great value.

Hollywood AirJet

The Hollywood AirJet has a modern design and lighting effects.

  • Seats 4-6 people
  • 140 AirJetTM massage system
  • Multi-color LED light system
  • Frost resistant and energy efficient
  • Price - £599


  • Lighting creates atmosphere
  • Good mid-range capacity
  • Sturdy I-Beam structure


  • Lacks WiFi or hydrojets

Best For Buyers wanting lighting effects in a mid-priced inflatable hot tub.

Singapore AirJet Plus

The Singapore AirJet Plus provides WiFi control and rapid heating.

  • 140 AirJet PlusTM massage
  • WiFi enabled app control
  • 5-7 person capacity
  • Fast heating system warms water quickly
  • Price - £699


  • WiFi allows full smart control
  • Maintains heat well
  • Generous capacity


  • No LED lighting features

Best For Tech-loving buyers wanting a smart connected mid-range hot tub.

Toronto AirJet Plus

The Toronto AirJet Plus focuses on economical performance.

  • 180 AirJet PlusTM massage system
  • 7 person capacity
  • Energy saving timer for efficiency
  • New insulating design to retain heat
  • Price - £849


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Provides a soothing massage
  • Durable and well-insulated


  • Lacks lighting or WiFi features

Best For Buyers prioritizing energy savings in a mid-range inflatable hot tub.

The Hollywood, Singapore and Toronto balance features, capacity, and price as Lay-Z-Spa's mid-tier selection. Next up are the premium models with all the bells and whistles.

High-End Models

At the premium end of the Lay-Z-Spa range are models packed with top-tier features and technology for a deluxe home spa experience.

Palma HydroJet Pro

The Palma HydroJet Pro provides a high-powered massage.

  • 8 HydroJet ProTM & 180 AirJetTM massage system
  • 7 person capacity
  • LED mood lighting
  • Rapid heating and freeze shield
  • Price - £949


  • Hydrojets deliver an invigorating deep tissue massage
  • Lighting and design create an elegant ambiance
  • Spacious capacity


  • Higher purchase and running costs

Best For Buyers wanting Lay-Z-Spa's best massage performance with immersive lighting.

Santorini HydroJet Pro

The Santorini HydroJet Pro adds more massage jets.

  • 10 HydroJet ProTM & 180 AirJetTM massage system
  • 7 person capacity
  • Multicolor LED lighting
  • Lumbar support for back comfort
  • Price - £949


  • 10 adjustable hydrojets provide maximum massage coverage
  • Underwater LED create beautiful color effects
  • Supportive cushioned headrests


  • Most expensive Lay-Z-Spa model

Best For Buyers wanting the ultimate hydro massage experience.

Maldives HydroJet Pro

The Maldives HydroJet Pro focuses on comfort and ambiance.

  • 8 HydroJetTM & 180 AirJetTM massage system
  • 7 person capacity
  • Seat padding and headrests
  • Color-changing LED lights
  • Price - £949


  • Hydro and air massage combination
  • Extra comfort features
  • Soothing underwater lighting


  • Less hydrojets than Santorini

Best For
Buyers wanting comfort and atmosphere from a premium hot tub.

With customized massage, lighting, and comforts, Lay-Z-Spa's high-end models deliver a luxury home spa experience. Next we will explore their largest hot tubs.

Larger Capacity Models

For buyers needing to accommodate more people, Lay-Z-Spa offers a couple of larger hot tubs.

Majorca HydroJet Pro

The Majorca HydroJet Pro provides an open square design.

  • 6-8 person capacity
  • 8 HydroJetTM & 140 AirJetTM massage
  • Spacious square shape
  • Wooden print décor
  • Price - £899


  • Generous open interior fits more
  • Unique and stylish square shape
  • Powerful hydro and air massage


  • Square shape limits seat contours

Best For Larger groups wanting Lay-Z-Spa's biggest square hot tub.

Barcelona AirJet Plus

The Barcelona AirJet Plus maximizes lounge seating.

  • 6-8 person capacity
  • 140 AirJet PlusTM massage system
  • L-shaped seating for lounging
  • Rapid heating and freeze shield
  • Price - £699


  • L-shaped padded seats provide room to stretch out
  • Quick and easy inflation
  • Energy efficient to maintain heat


  • Lacks advanced hydrojet massage

Best For Bigger groups wanting maximized lounge seating.

With their spacious designs, the Majorca HydroJet Pro and Barcelona AirJet Plus let more people enjoy the spa experience together.

Now that we've reviewed all models, it's time to directly compare the key factors to see how Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs stack up.

Comparison Factors

Now that we've explored the full Lay-Z-Spa range, let's directly compare the key factors to see how the models stack up.


  • Entry-level - 4-6 people
  • Mid-range - 5-7 people
  • High-end - 7 people
  • Larger - 6-8 people

The high-end and larger hot tubs accommodate the most bathers, while entry-level and mid-range offer smaller but still generous capacity for most needs.

Massage System

  • Entry-level - 140-180 AirJetTM
  • Mid-range - 140-180 AirJet PlusTM
  • High-end - HydroJet ProTM + AirJetTM
  • Larger - HydroJet ProTM + AirJetTM or AirJet PlusTM

High-end models excel with the powerful HydroJet ProTM system, while other tiers offer soothing AirJetTM or AirJet PlusTM bubble massage.


  • Entry-level - Basic digital controls
  • Mid-range - LED lights or WiFi added
  • High-end - LED lighting, WiFi, cushions
  • Larger - Unique square or lounge designs

Higher tiers add ambiance and convenience features like lights, WiFi management, and ergonomic seating.

Energy Efficiency

  • Entry-level - Varies by model
  • Mid-range - Improved insulation
  • High-end - Advanced insulation
  • Larger - Rapid heating and insulation

Higher-end options use the best construction and timers for heat retention and efficiency.


  • Rounded square, rectangle, or oval shapes
  • Larger models offer square and L-shaped designs

Shape is largely personal preference with all sizes accommodated.


  • All models come with 2 year warranty

Two years of coverage is standard across the entire Lay-Z-Spa selection.


  • Entry-level - £399-£699
  • Mid-range - £499-£749
  • High-end - £949
  • Larger - £699-£899

Lay-Z-Spa offers excellent value across every tier, with affordable options as well as premium models.

With strengths across the board, Lay-Z-Spa provides an inflatable hot tub to suit any need and budget.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In summary, Lay-Z-Spa offers one of the top inflatable hot tub ranges on the market. Their models impress across the board with excellent construction, advanced technology, energy efficiency, hydro massage, and thoughtful designs.

Key strengths of Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs:

  • Rapid water heating - Reaches 40°C in as little as 3-5 hours
  • Powerful massage jets - AirJetTM, AirJet PlusTM and HydroJet ProTM systems
  • Insulation technology - Retains heat and minimizes energy costs
  • Durable and stable - Made of rigid tri-tech layered puncture resistant material
  • Digital and WiFi controls - Options to digitally control and remotely manage via app
  • Soothing lighting effects - Underwater LED lighting on premium models
  • Generous warranties - All models come with 2 years coverage

With excellent hot tubs available at every price point, Lay-Z-Spa provides solutions for all needs and budgets:

  • Entry-level - Ibiza, Milan - Best value basic models from £399
  • Mid-range - Hollywood, Singapore, Toronto - Added features from £499
  • High-end - Palma, Santorini, Maldives - Ultimate hydro massage from £949
  • Larger capacity - Majorca, Barcelona - For groups up to 8 from £699

For an inflatable hot tub that delivers exceptional quality, performance, and comfort, Lay-Z-Spa models are worthy of their best-selling reputation. Their combinations of advanced engineering, premium materials, energy efficiency, massage power, and customer-focused designs make Lay-Z-Spa a top brand for home hydrotherapy.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs:

How long does it take to heat up?

With Lay-Z-Spa's advanced Rapid Heating System, the water can reach 40°C in as little as 3-5 hours. The exact time depends on the model, ambient temperature and volume of water.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance involves regularly changing filter cartridges, testing chemical levels, and adding chlorine or bromine. This keeps the water clean and balanced. Plan on spending 15-30 minutes per week.

How durable are they?

The puncture resistant TriTech material and I-Beam construction provides durability. With proper care, a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub can last many years.

Can you use it year round?

Yes, Lay-Z-Spa's Freeze ShieldTM technology allows use in cold temperatures down to -10°C. A thermal cover also helps retain heat in winter.

How much electricity does a Lay-Z Spa hot tub use?

Operating costs are estimated between £0.60-£3.50 per day depending on electricity rates, frequency of use, ambient temperature and how much heating is needed. Costs are lower in warmer months.

Do you need to use chemicals in your Lay-Z Spa hot tub?

Yes, chlorine or bromine and pH balancing chemicals are essential to keep water sanitized, clean and prevent buildup. Lay-Z-Spa provides complete chemical kits.

What is the warranty for Lay-Z Spa?

All Lay-Z Spa hot tubs come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Certain components may have longer warranties.

Can you add accessories?

Yes! Lay-Z-Spa offers accessories like LED lights, entertainment systems, covers, steps, and more to customise your experience.

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