The Essential Do’s and Don’ts in a Hot Tub - Your Ultimate Safety Guide

The Essential Do's and Don'ts in a Hot Tub - Your Ultimate Safety Guide

Indulging in the relaxation and fun a hot tub provides is undoubtedly delightful. Nevertheless, certain actions can risk your comfort, safety, or even the lifespan of your hot tub. To help you navigate this, we've compiled an exhaustive list of ten crucial things to avoid while enjoying your hot tub.

1. Abstain from Alcohol Consumption

While savoring a cocktail beside the pool might seem enticing, mixing alcohol and hot tubs can lead to unpleasant and potentially dangerous situations. Consuming alcohol dilates blood vessels, promoting increased blood flow and consequently raising your body temperature. In a hot tub, this amplified heat can induce feelings of sickness or fainting.

Moreover, the dehydration effects of both alcohol and the hot tub’s heat can be cumulative, leading to an exacerbated risk of heat-related illnesses. So, it's safer to keep your alcoholic beverages outside the hot tub.

2. A No-Go Zone for Pets

While your four-legged companions may enjoy a splash in a shallow pool, hot tubs pose different challenges. Remember, hot tub depths can be too much for your pet to handle. Additionally, unlike humans, pets primarily cool down by panting. In a hot tub heated beyond 100℉, overheating and dehydration become genuine risks. Thus, it's best to leave your pets out of the hot tub. People tend to do this to maintain a high enough temperature for longer, however affordable hot tub insulation can minimize the need for this.

3. Supervise Children Vigilantly

Never leave children unattended near any body of water, including hot tubs. Drowning risks are evident, but there's also the danger of overheating. Children's bodies may not adapt to the tub's high temperatures as effectively as adults. So, ensure you're always present when children are in the hot tub and restrict its use for those who's heads are above water when standing in the tub's centre.

4. Avoid Immersion with Open Wounds

Open cuts or wounds can harbour bacteria, which might multiply in the hot tub's warm water, leading to infections. If the wound is in an area like your arm, neck, or head, you might still enjoy the tub without submerging that part. However, if the wound is located elsewhere, it's best to stay out of the hot tub until it heals.

5. Stay Vigilant of Body Temperature

In the soothing embrace of a hot tub, it's easy to overlook your body temperature. Always pay attention to your heat levels and take immediate action if you start feeling light-headed, nauseous, weak, or fatigued. If you notice any of these signs, exit the hot tub, hydrate with cool (but not ice cold) water, and consider reducing the tub's temperature before re-entry.

6. Avoid Soaking While Fatigued

The relaxing effects of a hot tub may encourage sleep, especially after a long day. However, falling asleep in a hot tub can be hazardous due to risks of drowning or overheating without realizing it. If you're feeling tired but still want to enjoy a soak, prioritize getting some rest before entering the tub.

7. Stay Clear During Storms

Though a hot tub can be enjoyed in various weather conditions, electrical storms are a significant exception. The tub's chemically treated water can be highly conductive, making it dangerous in the event of a lightning strike. Always check your local weather forecast before entering the hot tub on a cloudy day, and exit immediately at the first sign of lightning or thunder.

8. Glassware is a Risk

Glass shards can easily go unnoticed on wet ground or underwater, posing a significant injury risk. So, while it's essential to have a drink nearby to help regulate your body temperature, keep glass cups inside, opting for plastic or metal containers instead. Glassware can also puncture your unprotected inflatable hot tubs and cause other damage to people and property if they are not adequately protected and covered.

9. Minimize Horseplay

Though it's tempting to engage in playful activities in the hot tub, remember that the small, uneven floor can quickly turn fun into accidents. Stick to safer entertainment options like waterproof cards, trivia games, or inflatable balls, and leave the physical horseplay for more suitable environments.

10. Shower Beforehand for a Cleaner Experience

A quick shower before entering the hot tub can significantly improve the longevity of your hot tub's filter and pump, as well as maintaining clean water. Showering helps wash off lotions, perfumes, or oils that could clog your filter or cause your pump to work harder.

By observing these ten guidelines, you can ensure that your hot tub experience remains safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. 


The Consequences of Ignoring These Guidelines

While it might seem that these guidelines are plentiful and perhaps even demanding, it's important to understand the potential consequences of ignoring them.

Potential Health Risks

Ignoring these guidelines could lead to several health issues, from minor inconveniences to severe medical conditions. Overheating, for example, can lead to heatstroke, a serious condition that can cause damage to your brain and other vital organs. Similarly, consuming alcohol in a hot tub can not only lead to dehydration but also increase the risk of drowning due to impaired judgment or loss of consciousness.

Financial Consequences

Beyond health risks, there are also financial implications to consider. Without proper hygiene practices like showering before use, your hot tub's filter system can become clogged, reducing its efficiency and lifespan. This could lead to costly replacements or repairs in the future.

Additional Tips for a Safe Hot Tub Experience

Having outlined the major don'ts for hot tub use, here are some additional tips to enhance your hot tub experience:

  • Hydrate Adequately: Always keep a non-glass container of water handy to stay hydrated throughout your soak.
  • Limit Your Time: To prevent overheating, limit your soaking time to 15-20 minutes before taking a break.
  • Proper Chemical Balance: Regularly test and adjust the chemical levels in your hot tub to maintain safe and clean water.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean and service your hot tub to ensure it stays in good working condition.

In conclusion, following these safety measures and tips will not only help you enjoy your hot tub in a safe manner but also prolong its lifespan. Remember, safety always comes first. Enjoy your hot tub responsibly!


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