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How to Maintain Your CleverSpa Hot Tub

Understanding Your CleverSpa

What is CleverSpa?

CleverSpa is a popular brand of inflatable hot tubs in the UK, known for its range of high-quality, luxurious, and convenient home spas. Enjoying your CleverSpa hot tub begins with understanding how to maintain it properly.

The Importance of CleverSpa Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your CleverSpa not only ensures you get the most out of your hot tub but also prolongs its lifespan. It's essential to keep it clean, treat the water properly, and invest in quality insulation.

Essential CleverSpa Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning

The Importance of CleverSpa Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an integral part of CleverSpa maintenance. It helps to keep your hot tub free from dirt and bacteria, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable soaking experience.

Best Cleaning Practices for CleverSpa

Use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to clean the surface of your CleverSpa hot tub. Rinse well and dry before inflating. For the interior, use spa-specific cleaning products to prevent damage to the lining.

Proper Water Treatment

Proper water treatment is critical to maintaining the cleanliness of your CleverSpa and the safety of its users. It involves balancing the water's pH level and using appropriate spa sanitizers.

CleverSpa Insulation

The Significance of Insulation for CleverSpa

Quality insulation is vital in maintaining the efficiency of your CleverSpa hot tub. It helps retain heat, reducing the energy needed to keep the water at the desired temperature.

Selecting the Right CleverSpa Insulation

Choosing the right insulation for your CleverSpa is crucial. Visit our CleverSpa Hot Tub Insulation page for a range of suitable options to keep your hot tub warm and energy-efficient.

Prolonging the Life of Your CleverSpa

Cover Your CleverSpa Properly

Always cover your CleverSpa when not in use. A good cover provides additional insulation and protects your hot tub from debris and harsh weather conditions.

Regular Checks and Maintenance

Regularly check your CleverSpa for any signs of wear and tear. Promptly address any issues to prevent them from escalating.


Maintaining your CleverSpa hot tub is a simple but crucial task. By following these tips, you can enjoy your hot tub for many years to come. Remember, a clean, well-insulated CleverSpa is a happy CleverSpa!


  1. How often should I clean my CleverSpa hot tub? Regular cleaning is recommended at least once a month, or more frequently depending on usage.

  2. What type of insulation is best for my CleverSpa? The best type of insulation depends on your specific needs and location. Check our CleverSpa Hot Tub Insulation collection for the best options.

  3. How often should I treat the water in my CleverSpa? Water treatment should be done each time the hot tub is used to ensure safe and clean water.

  4. How do I cover my CleverSpa correctly? Ensure the cover is securely fitted and covers the entire surface of the hot tub. It should be tight enough to prevent debris from entering.

  5. Where can I buy CleverSpa insulation? You can purchase insulation from our CleverSpa Hot Tub Insulation page.

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