About Our Insulation Jackets & Lids

All our products are manufactured with high quality insulation materials and designed to maximize heat retention for your hot tub. This ensures that your hot tub operates as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your running costs and reducing the time it takes for your hot tub to reach your desired temperature.

Each jacket and lid is handcrafted to exacting specifications and standards in our Swansea factory in South Wales and subjected to rigorous testing and quality control.


Maintain Temperature Longer and Cheaper

Regardless of how you choose to operate your hot tub in the long term, our insulation jackets and lids ensure that your hot tub reaches optimum temperature faster and stays there longer. Reducing both the time it takes to heat and the amount of energy required to maintain running temperature in all weather conditions.


Keep The Jacket On To Maximize Savings

You can, and are encouraged, to leave the insulation jacket on your hot tub while using it to ensure maximum cost, energy and time savings. Being weather proof, you can leave them on all year round without any worries.


Added Layer of Protection for Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Manufactured from heavy-duty water and fire-proof materials, our insulation jackets and lids add an extra layer of protection against punctures and other physical damage, helping to increase the life span of your hot tub. 


We Support All Popular Brands and Models of Inflatable Hot Tubs

Our insulating Jackets and Lids are suitable for all brands and models of inflatable hot tubs including popular brands such as Lay-Z Spa, Canadian Spa, Wave Spa, M-Spa, CleverSpa , Intex PureSpa and more. If we do not have your exact make and model listed, please contact us for assistance.