About Our Products

All our products are specially designed with high quality insulation to make sure they trap in as much heat as possible, making inflatable hot tubs run efficiently and economically. This has had huge effects on customers energy bills, helping them save money- up to £2 a day!

Our Cwtchy Covers also have plenty of other benefits including:

  • They add a layer of protection- helping prevent punctures, increasing the life span of the hot tub
  • They keep the hot tub up to temperature- less time waiting around for the hot tub to heat up!
  • The side jacket can be left on whilst using the hot tub- saving you money even when you’re using it!
  • They are made from a heavy-duty water and fire-proof material, making them ideal for outside use all year round!
  • Each one is hand-made at our facility in Swansea, South Wales, ensuring they are crafted to a high standard
  • We cover a huge range of inflatable hot tubs, including Lay-Z Spa, Wave Spa, Avenli and many more! We also offer bespoke covers if it is a spa we may not have listed on the website
  • They look amazing! Our covers will help your hot tub stand out
  • Our whole range come in black or duck egg, with more colours on the way!
  • Our cover range is designed to make sure your hot tub is completely covered from base to lid! Check out our full range here.


About Our Inflatable Hot Tub & Spa Insulation Lids

Cwtchy Covers Hot Tub & Spa Insulated Lid & Jacket

Heat rises, meaning a lot of heat is lost through the top of the hot tub and although the lid supplied with the hot tub does help insulate, a lot of heat still manages to get through! However, our lids ensure that all the heat is trapped in the hot tub, with a dense layer of insulation to make sure no heat gets lost. This, combined with the fact they are 100% waterproof makes them ideal for keeping your hot tub insulated.

Other features include:

  • Light Weight- The lids are easy to take on and off
  • The metal support structure provided raises the centre of the lid, preventing rainwater pooling on top
  • The lid comes with safety straps- these protect from kids getting in unsupervised and the weight of the hot tub keeps the lid strapped down, no matter how windy it is!


About Our Inflatable Hot Tub & Spa Insulation Jackets

Cwtchy Covers hot tub & spa insulation jacket

Our inflatable hot tub jackets have a thick (50mm) layer of insulation that helps to massively reduce the heat lost from the sides of the hot tub. This ability to trap the heat in by achieving a tight fit makes our jackets an amazing investment if you want to save money on your energy bills. Check out the other amazing features:

  • Weather-proof- Made out of a high-quality water-proof material, your hot tub is protected from the elements all year round
  • Adds a layer of protection- reduces the risk of punctures, increasing the hot tubs lifespan
  • Its heavy-duty design makes it ideal for outdoor use
  • They can be left on, even when the hot tub is in use



About Our Pump Covers

Cwychy covers hot tub & spa pump insulation cover

Our high-quality pump cover is specially designed for acoustic insulation to keep that irritating droning noise made my hot tub pumps down. You may not hear the noise yourself at times, but your neighbours probably will creating some unfortunate situations. Made with a thick layer of acoustic dampening insulation, you will be able to relax properly the next time you use your hot tub.

Other features include:

  • Easy access to pump controls without taking the cover off
  • Increases the lifespan of your pump, protecting it from the elements
  • Ventilation added to ensure the pump doesn’t overheat



About Our Under-Tub Base

Our under-tub insulated base is made from a lightweight, durable insulation that makes sure your hot tub is insulated from lid to base. This also ensures it’s running as efficiently as possible. It’s also great for adding to the comfort of your hot tub, cushioning you from the ground- ideal if your hot tub is on stone or concrete.

  • The under tub insulated base is designed to be 100% waterproof to ensure you don’t get any water ingress, allowing the insulation to run efficiently.
  • The base is made from a durable insulation covered by a heavy-duty cloth to ensure the base stays protected from all weather conditions.
  • The base also stops any cold from the ground seeping into the hot tub, keeping it hotter for longer and making it run more economically, saving you money.



About Our Deluxe Leather Cover


Cwtchy Deluxe leather cover in grey

Our leather all-in-one cover is designed to add a bit of style to your hot tub, as well as adding an extra layer of water-proof protection to both your tub and your insulating jackets! The covers come in a range of colours to personalise your hot tub, matching any garden aesthetic. These covers are designed to work with our Cwtchy Cover insulating jackets, but they look just as good on their own!

The covers come in:

  • Grey
  • Almond
  • Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Navy
  • Black



About Our Under Pump Base

Under Pump Base

Our under-pump base is designed to make sure your pump is covered from base to power button. The dense insulation not only raises your pump from the ground where it could be damaged but also adds an extra layer of soundproofing, stopping any vibrations from the pump from hitting the floor.

They also work great with our under-tub bases! It'll raise the pump to the level of the hot tub with an under-tub base pad, making it easier to connect the pump to the tub!