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Wave Spa Atlantic 2022

Round | up to 6 persons | Inflatable |

Wave Spa Atlantic

The Wave Spa Atlantic 2022 is making ripples in the world of home relaxation. This round wonder, available in the UK, offers a cozy retreat right in your own backyard. Like a warm cup of tea on a chilly evening, it provides comfort and solace after a long day. Designed with British sensibilities in mind, the Atlantic comes in two sizes to suit different needs. The 4-person model holds a generous 800 litres, while the 6-person version accommodates a hefty 1000 litres. At 208 cm in diameter and 65 cm deep, it's sized just right - not so shallow that you'll feel like you're bathing in a puddle, but not so deep that you'll need a lifeguard on duty. The circular shape ensures everyone gets a prime spot, much like a perfectly arranged tea tray where every scone is within reach. This hot tub isn't just a pretty face, though. It comes equipped with an air jet system that delivers a massage as refreshing as a brisk walk through the countryside. The digital control panel is so user-friendly, you might think it was designed by your favorite local pub owner. Energy efficiency is also a key feature, ensuring your relaxation doesn't come at the cost of a sky-high electric bill. In essence, the Wave Spa Atlantic 2022 is like a faithful butler - always ready to serve, impeccably mannered, and surprisingly economical to keep around.

  • Height: 65.0
  • Width: 208.0
  • Length: 168.0
  • Diameter: 208.0

Available Insulation for Wave Spa Atlantic

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