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Wave Spa Pacific 2022

Square | up to 6 persons | Inflatable |

Wave Spa Pacific

The Wave Spa Pacific 2022 is a square-shaped inflatable hot tub that brings a touch of luxury to British gardens. This aquatic retreat, introduced in 2022, offers a cozy sanctuary for those seeking respite from the daily grind. Like a warm cup of tea on a chilly afternoon, it provides comfort and relaxation in equal measure. Available in two sizes, the Pacific model caters to different needs and spaces. The 4-person version holds 600 litres, while the 6-person option accommodates 910 litres - enough to float a small armada of rubber ducks! Its compact dimensions (155cm width and 115cm length) make it a versatile choice for various outdoor spaces, fitting as snugly as a hand in a well-worn glove. The sturdy construction stands up to British weather with the tenacity of a bulldog, ensuring year-round enjoyment. While the Pacific may not be festooned with fancy features, it offers a straightforward path to relaxation. Its user-friendly design makes maintenance as easy as pie, perfect for those who'd rather soak than tinker. The square shape provides comfortable seating arrangements, ideal for cozy chats or quiet contemplation. However, the limited color options might leave some feeling as deflated as a punctured beach ball. Despite this minor quibble, the Wave Spa Pacific remains a solid choice for those seeking a reliable, no-frills hot tub experience - it's the aquatic equivalent of a trusty pair of wellies, ready to provide comfort whenever you need it.

  • Height: 65.0
  • Width: 155.0
  • Length: 115.0
  • Diameter: 155.0

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