Insulated Hot Tub Jacket for Canadian Spa

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Model Grand Rapids
Colour Brown

If your particular hot tub brand and or model are not listed explicitly, please click here to choose one of our custom models and provide all the required details.

Make your Canadian Spa hot tub experience even more enjoyable while reducing your energy bills with Cwtchy's thermal jacket custom designed for Canadian models. Our insulating cover retains heat by preventing loss through tub walls.

The durable, industrial-grade materials maintain excellent R-values over years of use, blocking heat transfer far better than basic covers. Enjoy a warmer, more cost-effective portable spa experience.

The full-wrap design completely seals in warmth by covering all sides and corners with no gaps. Easy to secure, our jacket lets you soak in total comfort and savings year-round.

Make the most of your Canadian Spa's insulation capacity while protecting its exterior. Sized specifically for popular models, our cover delivers the performance boost your inflatable hot tub needs.

Reduce heating bills by up to £2 daily with our insulating spa cover. Benefit from greater heat retention, faster heating, and less temperature drop over time.

Give your Canadian Spa a thermal upgrade that pays for itself. More effective hydrotherapy without sky-high energy costs from Cwtchy Covers!

Supported Canadian Spa Models:

  • Canadian Spa Grand Rapids - 242 x 71cm - (Circular)
  • Canadian Spa Pacific Grey Rattan (2-4 Person) - (148x148) x 65cmcm - (Square)
  • Canadian Spa Pacific Tropical (2-4 Person) - (148x148) x 65cmcm - (Square)
  • Canadian Spa Pacific Grey Wood (2-4 Person) - (148x148) x 65cmcm - (Square)
  • Canadian Spa Pacific Grey (2-4 Person) - (148x148) x 65cmcm - (Square)