Insulated Hot Tub Mat for Lay-Z Spa Hot Tubs

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Take your Lay-Z Spa hot tub experience to the next level with Cwtchy's premium thermal mat. Custom designed for Lay-Z Spa inflatable models, our insulated base boosts efficiency by preventing conductive heat loss into the ground.

The mat's industrial-grade, closed cell foam insulation provides far superior R-values to basic mats. Resistant to moisture absorption, it maintains excellent thermal properties for years. Enjoy deeper relaxation without sky-high energy bills.

The one-piece insulated mat completely seals off the underside of your Lay-Z Spa, ensuring no gaps compromise the insulation keeping water warm. Durable materials retain heat for blissful soaks all season long.

Give your Lay-Z Spa a lift for air circulation and prevent damage from below while maximizing insulation capacity. Provide your inflatable hot tub with the ultimate heat retention and savings on costly heating.

Sized specifically for popular Canadian models, our thermal mat delivers the high-performance insulation these inflatable spas need. Lower your electricity expenses by up to £2 daily. Faster heating, less temperature drop, and big energy savings add up.

Treat your Lay-Z Spa to the hot tub insulation that pays for itself in no time. Luxuriate in total comfort and tranquility without paying a fortune on your energy bills. Upgrade today with Cwtchy Covers!

Supported Lay-Z Spa Models:

  • Lay-Z Spa Singapore
  • Lay-Z Spa Vancouver (2021)
  • Lay-Z Spa St Lucia
  • Lay-Z Spa Bali
  • Lay-Z Spa Bahamas
  • Lay-Z Spa Havanna
  • Lay-Z Spa Miami
  • Lay-Z Spa Cancun
  • Lay-Z Spa Helsinki
  • Lay-Z Spa St Tropez
  • Lay-Z Spa Vegas
  • Lay-Z Spa New York
  • Lay-Z Spa Paris
  • Lay-Z Spa Milan
  • Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs
  • Lay-Z Spa Honolulu
  • Lay-Z Spa Milan (Airjet Plus)
  • Lay-Z Spa Monaco
  • Lay-Z Spa Majorca
  • Lay-Z Spa Cabo
  • Lay-Z Spa Barbados
  • Lay-Z Spa Santorini
  • Lay-Z Spa Hollywood
  • Lay-Z Spa St Moritz
  • Lay-Z Spa Grenada
  • Lay-Z Spa Hawaii
  • Lay-Z Spa Maldives
  • Lay-Z Spa Mauritius
  • Lay-Z Spa Ibiza
  • Lay-Z Spa Palma
  • Lay-Z Spa Toronto
  • Lay-Z Spa San-Francisco
  • Lay-Z Spa Cabo
  • Lay-Z Spa Grenada
  • Lay-Z Spa Fiji