Insulated Hot Tub Mat for Mspa Hot Tubs

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If your particular hot tub brand and or model are not listed explicitly, please click here to choose one of our custom models and provide all the required details.

Take relaxation in your MSpa hot tub to the next level while saving big on energy bills with Cwtchy's innovative thermal mat. Custom designed for MSpa inflatable models, our insulated base prevents wasteful heat loss into the ground below.

The premium mat is crafted from dense, closed-cell foam that blocks heat transfer far better than basic mats. The industrial-grade insulation maintains excellent R-values over years, resisting moisture absorption. Enjoy a warmer, more cost-effective spa experience.

The one-piece insulated base fully seals off the underside of your MSpa hot tub, eliminating gaps that could compromise insulation. Durable materials retain more free heat for blissful soaks all year round.

Give your MSpa a lift for air circulation underneath while cushioning protects from damage below. Provide your inflatable spa ultimate heat retention and savings on expensive heating costs.

Sized specifically for MSpa models, our thermal mat delivers high-performance insulation these popular inflatable hot tubs desperately need. Lower electricity expenses by up to £2 daily. The energy savings really add up.

Give your MSpa the hot tub insulation upgrade that pays for itself in no time. Bask in total comfort and tranquility without sky-high energy bills. Choose Cwtchy Covers for a warmer, more cost-effective portable spa experience.

Supported MSpa Models:

  • MSpa Camaro EU P-CA049 - 180 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Exotic EU P-EX049 - 180 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Bergen EU C-BE042 - 180 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Ottoman C-0M062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Starry C-ST062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Bergen AU C-BE062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Aurora U-AU062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Rimba EU U-RB062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Carlton M-CA062 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Camaro AU P-CA069 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Exotic P-EX069 - 204 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Comfort Starry C-ST062 - 204 x 71cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Bergen US C-BE082 224 - 224 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Rimba AU U-RB082 - 224 x 70cm - (Circular)
  • MSpa Tekapo C-TE042 4 Person - (158x158) x 68cm - (Square)
  • MSpa Tekapo C-TE062 6 person - (185x185) x 68cm - (Square)
  • MSpa Otium M-0T062 - (185x185) x 68cm - (Square)
  • MSpa Soho P-SH069 - (185x185) x 68cm - (Square)
  • MSpa Vito U-VT061 - (185x185) x 68cm - (Square)