Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble Spa w/ Pump, Cover,4 Person, Dark Blue, Round

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Inflatable Spa Tub: This spa tub inflates quickly and easily with the included external pump. Its detachable design makes it convenient to fold and store.

Heat Function: Equipped with a user-friendly LCD display for simple control, the tub heats up at a rate of 1-2°C per hour, with a maximum temperature of 42°C. Please avoid setting up or leaving the tub outside in temperatures below 4°C.

Surrounding Jets: The tub features multiple jets that deliver a relaxing bubble massage, perfect for unwinding in your garden or outdoor area.

Filter Cartridge: A filter cartridge is included to keep the water clean by removing impurities, helping to protect the machinery. The filter lasts approximately 150 hours and should be replaced as needed.

Product Specifications: The tub measures 180 x 68H cm and holds up to 950 liters of water. For optimal performance, fill with water at 25-26°C. Avoid water temperatures above 42°C to prevent discomfort.