Round Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble Spa w/ Pump, Cover,4 Person, Light Grey

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Quick Inflation: This inflatable hot tub features an easy-to-use external pump, enabling rapid inflation. The pump is designed for simple disassembly, convenient folding, and storage.

Advanced Heat Function:

  • Efficient Heating: Enjoy a gradual temperature increase at 1-2°C per hour, with a maximum of 42°C.
  • Handheld LCD Display: Offers straightforward control for a hassle-free hot tub experience.
  • Temperature Note: Optimally used in outdoor temperatures above 4°C.

Soothing Surrounding Jets: Numerous jets are strategically placed to deliver a gentle, massaging bubble bath, perfect for relaxation in your garden or outdoor area.

Filter Cartridge System:

  • Purification: Actively filters impurities from heated water, safeguarding the hot tub's machinery.
  • Durability: The filter cartridge is effective for about 150 hours, with replacement reminders on the wireless controller.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Ø180 x 68H cm.
  • Water Capacity: 950 liters.
  • Water Temperature Tips: For comfort, keep the filling water temperature around 25-26°C. It's advised not to use the hot tub if water temperatures exceed 42°C to prevent skin irritation.

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience right in your backyard with this stylish and functional inflatable hot tub.