well-lit backyard during dusk with a spacious hot tub. Diverse groups of people are chatting and laughing while enjoying the warm water.

Entertain with Ease: Tips for Hosting Large Groups in Your Hot Tub

When you want to host a fun get-together for more than just a couple friends, your hot tub can be the perfect party venue. With proper planning and these savvy tips, you can easily accommodate larger groups in your hot tub for a splashingly good time.

modern backyard with twinkling fairy lights above a large hot tub. Groups of friends are engaged in cheerful conversations, with some in the water and others seated around.

Plan Ahead for Group Hot Tub Parties

Hosting lots of guests in your hot tub takes more forethought than an intimate evening soak. Consider these planning tips:

  • Check hot tub capacity - Most tubs accommodate 6-8 adults comfortably. Overall weight limits are typically 600-800 lbs.

  • Consider overlapping rotations - You may need to cycle guests in and out in shifts if your hot tub capacity is limited.

  • Stock up on supplies - Have plenty of spare towels, drinking water, plastic cups and other essentials on hand for all your guests.

  • Create a chilling zone - Have an area with shade, fans or cooling towels for overheated guests to take a break.

  • Have snacks on hand - Set up self-serve snack stations with chips, dips, fruit, sandwiches and other finger foods guests can easily grab.

  • Make a drink menu - Batch cocktails or big containers of sangria, lemonade and iced tea are great for crowds. Just avoid glass near the tub.

  • Have emergency resources handy - Keep a well-stocked first aid kit and phone numbers for emergency services accessible.

  • Send invites - Share all the key details like time, parking instructions, what to bring, etc. to set expectations.

Keep it Safe for Large Groups

When hot tubbing with a crowd, safety should be a top concern. Be sure to:

  • Maintain water chemistry - Properly balanced water prevents issues with pH, bacteria or chemicals that can develop in heavily-used water.

  • Keep it cool - Check the water temperature and adjust to 100oF or less for group use. Overheating risks increase in big groups.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - Encourage guests to drink water before, during and after hot tub time to prevent dehydration, dizziness or nausea.

  • Take breaks - Have guests limit soak time to 10-15 minutes at once, then cool down before hopping back in.

  • Prevent slips - Keep floors near the tub dry and place absorbent, non-slip mats to prevent falls.

  • Follow safety rules - No diving, running, roughhousing or drunken use. Appoint a responsible friend to help enforce proper conduct.

  • Keep chemicals locked up - Securely store any sanitizing chemicals to avoid accidental exposure or ingestion.

Illustration of a backyard scen. a hot tub is the centerpiece. people of different genders and descents are relaxing in the tub, some holding beverages. showcasing a well-prepared hosting setup.

Make it Fun for All Group Sizes

A hot tub party for a dozen friends requires different entertainment than an intimate evening for two. Choose activities suited to your group size:

For large crowds:

  • Play upbeat music to set the vibe - make a fun collaborative playlist!

  • Float an inflatable ice chest for cold drinks and self-service.

  • Involve guests in food and drink prep in the kitchen between soak sessions.

  • Toss around an inflatable ball or play hot tub volleyball with pool noodles.

  • Supply water guns or gently splash guests getting in and out of the tub.

  • Project movies or videos on an outdoor screen by the tub at night.

For smaller groups:

  • Play hot tub bingo or trivia with free space in the middle for "drink break."

  • Take turns sharing unique facts about yourself that others have to guess as true or false.

  • Switch up conversation starters like "never have I ever" or "most likely to."

  • Share fun stories from your youth or most embarrassing moments.

  • Relax in comfortable silence and enjoy being present together.

For two:

  • Enjoy a bottle of wine or tasty cocktails.

  • Delight in an intimate, candlelit soak with soft music.

  • Give massages or scrub backs (no oils in water!)

  • Whisper flirty sweet nothings and enjoy being close.

Vector design of an outdoor setting with a hot tub and a wooden deck. People of diverse descents and genders are enjoying the tub, while others are mingling around.

Keep Heat In & Pests Out

Having your hot tub open frequently for groups makes maintaining heat extra challenging. Invest in a well-insulated cover to seal in warmth and save on energy costs.

Our hot tub covers use thick, tapered foam insulation and durable outer fabric. This prevents rapid heat loss when the tub is uncovered between uses. It also provides an impenetrable barrier to keep out leaves, dirt and other debris that are harder to filter out of frequently cycled water.

Check out our selection of insulating hot tub covers here for one that perfectly fits your spa. Maintaining clean, pre-heated water will make hosting hot tub parties a breeze!

Relax and Enjoy Your Hot Tub Gatherings

Hosting larger groups in your hot tub can be supremely fun and memorable, without requiring tons of effort. With thoughtful planning, safety measures, fun activities and a well-equipped cover, you'll be ready to take the party to your hot tub!

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