Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Are Better Than Hard Shell Hot Tubs

Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Are Better Than Hard Shell Hot Tubs

The Smarter, Cheaper & Better Portable Hot Tub Choice

Inflatable hot tubs, also known as blow up or portable hot tubs, are increasingly popular alternatives to traditional wooden or acrylic hard shell hot tubs. But why choose an inflatable hot tub instead of a permanent hard shell hot tub?

There are many compelling reasons inflatable hot tubs are superior. They are affordable, easy to install, and provide flexibility hard shell hot tubs simply can't match. And with proper insulation, inflatable hot tubs can be just as energy efficient.

Affordability and Lower Costs

The #1 reason people choose inflatable hot tubs is the much lower price point. Quality inflatable hot tubs can cost thousands less than the lowest priced hard shell hot tub options. With some models starting under £1000, inflatable hot tubs are attainable for many more consumers.

Inflatable hot tubs also have lower operating costs. Their energy efficient heating systems and better insulative properties consume less electricity for heating. And since inflatable tubs are smaller, they require fewer chemicals and less maintenance overall.

Quick and Easy Setup

Inflatable hot tubs can be setup in just minutes, unlike permanent models. Just find a flat spot, inflate the tub walls, attach the control unit, fill with water, and plug it in. No need to budget for expensive site preparation and pro installation.

This also makes inflatable hot tubs highly portable. They can be taken down and moved to a new home or location with ease. A hard shell hot tub becomes a permanent backyard fixture you're stuck with.

Flexibility and Customization

With an inflatable hot tub, you aren't limited to one permanent size and layout. You can purchase different sized tubs depending on your needs, from 2-4 person models up to 6+ person party tubs. And if you move or your needs change, just get a different sized inflatable tub.

You also aren't limited to specific locations like with permanent hot tubs. An inflatable tub can go on a patio, balcony, sunroom, or anywhere with a flat level surface. They provide much more placement flexibility.

Better Insulation Capabilities

One concern with inflatable hot tubs is heat loss without a solid acrylic shell. However, when properly insulated, inflatable tubs are extremely heat efficient. The key is using a thick insulating cover and other accessories.

A thick insulating hot tub cover traps heat and moisture. It will pay for itself in energy savings within months. Waterproof pump covers muffle noise while preventing moisture damage. And foam mats insulate underneath from cold ground.

With our full insulation package, an inflatable hot tub can actually retain heat better than a hard shell tub with minimal insulation. The inflatable walls also provide insulative foam barrier.


Insulated lids sit right on the hot tub water surface. They trap heat, reduce evaporation, and block wind and debris. Lids make inflatable tubs usable even while uncovered.

Lock-Tight Covers

Lock-tight covers encompass the entire inflatable tub for maximum insulation. Look for thick foam insulation and waterproof, puncture-resistant outer material. These covers make inflatable tubs incredibly efficient.

Pump Covers

Insulating the pump motor is crucial. Pump covers block moisture and noise while trapping heat around pumps and plumbing components.

Under Hot Tub Mats

Foam mats underneath prevent conductive heat loss into the ground while providing a soft hot tub floor. They are a must-have for inflatable tubs.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Inflatable hot tubs are easier to clean and maintain than hard shell models. Their smaller size requires fewer chemicals and water changes. Smooth inflatable walls wipe down easily.

And since the entire inflatable tub can be drained and moved, giving it a deep clean is much simpler than the fixed plumbing of a permanent hot tub. Overall maintenance time and costs are reduced.


The flexible vinyl construction of inflatable hot tubs results in fewer hard edges and pinch points. There is reduced risk of bumps and bruises compared to acrylic models.

They are also safer for children. The walls deflate for secure storage when not in use. And soft edges minimize impact injuries.

So Why Choose an Inflatable Hot Tub?

When you consider the lower costs, quick setup, flexibility, insulation capabilities, easier maintenance, and safety benefits, the advantages of inflatable hot tubs become abundantly clear.

While hard shell hot tubs were once the only viable options, advancements in inflatable hot tub technology make them the better choice for most owners. Plus with the right insulation accessories, an inflatable can be just as energy efficient and retain heat even better.

So whether relaxing alone, soaking with friends, or entertaining family, you simply can't go wrong when you choose an inflatable hot tub! It's the cheaper, smarter, and better inflating decision.

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