How Can Cwtchy Covers Help You?

Posted by Jon Hill on

High energy prices! An issue every hot tub user has come to know...

However, here at Cwtchy Covers we pledge to combat this issue so the next time you turn your hot tub on you can truly relax!

It all starts with our insulating covers. They help keep all the heat generated in, meaning you don't have to waste time waiting for it to heat up between uses but, more importantly, you don't need to waste your electricity either! Keeping your energy bills down. 

Check out what one of our customers said: 

"The spa is on an energy meter and it has gone from using 12.7kWh to 3.5kWh per day. Spa loses 1-2 degrees in 24 hours. At the weekend we were away and in 80hours it lost 7 degrees!" - A happy customer

Our Cwtchy Covers come with a lot of other benefits too. First of all- they look great! If you want to change your hot tubs look then our stylish, high quality covers will do just that! 

Secondly- they'll add an extra layer of protection, keeping your tub safe from the weather and anything else that could cause it harm reducing the risk of punctures and any other damage! 

Finally, ever been distracted by the noise made by the pump whilst you try to relax? We have you covered! (literally) Our pump covers help to reduce any noise created by the pump, making sure you have the most relaxing experience possible!

If you have any more questions on how Cwtchy Covers can help you feel free to get in contact!





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