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M-Spa Meteor C-me062 2022

Round | up to 6 persons | Inflatable |

M-Spa Meteor C-me062

The M-Spa METEOR C-ME062 is a round inflatable hot tub that's making quite a splash in the world of backyard relaxation. This 2022 model is as round as a full moon, measuring 204 cm in diameter, and can comfortably seat up to six adults. It's like having your own personal watering hole, minus the crocodiles and plus a whole lot of comfort. While the manufacturer plays their cards close to their chest regarding specific features, M-Spa has a reputation for user-friendly designs that don't require an engineering degree to operate. The METEOR C-ME062 likely boasts a heating system that works faster than a rumor mill in a small town, and a bubble jet massage function that might just put your local spa out of business. The control panel is probably so straightforward, even your technologically challenged great-aunt could master it in no time. As for durability, this tub is built to last longer than a British queue. With a water capacity of 930 litres, this hot tub is like a miniature ocean of luxury in your backyard. The charcoal finish adds a touch of sophistication that would make even the most discerning garden gnome nod in approval. However, like a coin with two sides, the METEOR C-ME062 isn't without its drawbacks. The limited color options might leave some feeling as grey as the tub itself, and its size, while perfect for social butterflies, might be a tight squeeze for gardens smaller than a postage stamp. But for those looking to add a dollop of luxury to their daily routine, this hot tub might just be the ticket to turning your backyard into the hottest spot in the neighborhood - quite literally.

  • Height: 70.0
  • Width: 204.0
  • Length: 204.0
  • Diameter: 204.0

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