Lay-Z Spa Hawaii

Lay-Z Spa Hawaii
Cwtchy Covers - Insulated Lid For Lay - z Spa Hot Tubs | Thermal Cover Superior Heat Retention
Cwtchy Covers - Insulated Hot Tub Jacket (thermal Wrap) For Lay - z Spa Tubs
Cwtchy Covers - Insulated Hot Tub Mat For Lay - z Spa Tubs | Superior Thermal Wrap Boosts Efficiency
Cwtchy Covers - Protect Your Pump With Our Under Base And Thermal Wrap Keep Insulated Sound - proofed From Vibrations

Cwtchy Covers specializes in high-quality, bespoke hot tub covers and insulation solutions specifically designed for Lay-Z Spa Hawaii models. Our range includes insulated lids, jackets, and mats tailored to enhance energy efficiency, prolong hot tub life, and reduce running costs. These products are crafted to fit perfectly, ensuring maximum heat retention and protection for your Lay-Z Spa Hawaii.

The Lay-Z Spa Hawaii is a versatile and spacious inflatable hot tub that offers a luxurious spa experience for up to 6 adults. Its square shape maximizes space, making it more comfortable than similarly sized circular hot tubs. The Hawaii model is equipped with a 140 AirJet massage system, allowing for a fully immersive and relaxing experience. Users can easily adjust the power of these jets via a digital control panel to enjoy a steady stream of air bubbles.

This hot tub features a rapid heating system capable of reaching up to 40°C (104°F), ensuring quick heat-up times, especially during the winter months, thanks to its built-in Freeze Shield technology. The Hawaii model emphasizes safety with features like an inflatable lid and secure clip cover to prevent accidents, and a ground fault detection system to protect its electrical components.

The Lay-Z Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro version includes HydroJet nozzles, offering a flow-adjustable and directional water massage, enhancing the relaxation experience. It also boasts a saltwater filtration system for cleaner, softer water with fewer chemicals, making the spa experience even more enjoyable. Its digital control panel includes an automatic stop and start timer for the water heating system, allowing for easy temperature adjustments.

Constructed from durable TriTech 3 ply reinforced material, the Hawaii model is designed to withstand regular use and offer longevity. It comes with a range of accessories, including a setup DVD, filter cartridges, a chemical floater, and more, ensuring easy maintenance and setup. The spa is designed for quick, tool-free setup in just about 10 minutes, ready to be filled with water.